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Mob Museum

If there was a line on it, I bet it'd be 100 to 1 the Las Vegas Mob Museum is the best museum you'll ever see for all things Mob. 

Lobby at the Mob MuseumBriefing before starting the tour

Even by Las Vegas' standards, which are quite different than any other city, the background story of this museum is a very interesting one which has a bit of a bizarre and curious twist to it. 

To begin with, I'd like to point out a little misconception about how Las Vegas treats its historical places.

Many people over the years have joked how Las Vegas, unlike other cities, likes to blow up its history and landmark buildings, but their talking about places on the Strip.

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They are historical but their original purpose was for commercial use. They were never intended to be preserved as legacy pieces. At their core, they're just resorts. That differs completely from buildings that are legacy pieces of a city's history.

So yea, those kinds of buildings get blown up ... and it's pretty damn cool to watch when they do.

Few people give thought to how a resort degrades during its time span after literally millions of people have used it for 20-25 years or more.

Front of Mob Museum street-viewFor sale - Building, $1 ... no, seriously!

Then there's the fact that those older buildings don't have modern day designs and materials. 

Throw in laws and regulations that make retrofitting and redesign difficult along with constant and ever growing repairs. Add diminishing usability for modern tourism and it becomes obvious that for some buildings, their days of usefulness and functionality are just done.

Time to blow the sucker up and start over with a brand spanking new one for the next 25 plus years for the millions to use and enjoy even more. 

Hallandale, Fl. Colonial Inn gambling chip and menuHallandale, FL.- gambling chips from Meyer Lansky's place

That’s the story of the Strip and part of its popular history. What's left of some of those old resorts now only reside at the Neon Museum.

We do have normal historical buildings but generally speaking, you won’t find them on the Strip. You will find them if you know where to look ... and that's where this begins, in the building that now houses the Mob Museum.

A Cornerstone of Vegas History

The Mob Museum is now in the same building that once housed the Las Vegas Federal Courthouse and Post Office.

Opened in 1933, its restored neoclassical architecture once again harks back to those days and is also on the National Register of Historic Places.

Distant shot of the Mob Museum1933 classic is looking good these days

It's here that U.S. Senator Estes Kefauver held one of the 14 nationwide hearings during the U.S Senate's Select Committee investigations on Organized Crime in America in 1950. 

About that time television, although a new technology, had become quite affordable. Countless Americans, having recently purchased their first TV sets, were glued to their seats as the live hearings ran for hours during the day.

Mob Museum display of TV's tuned to Kefauver hearingsSkyhigh ratings for the Kefauver hearings

This was the first time they had ever heard of the 'Cosa Nostra' or 'Mafia'. These hearings were the start of what would become the U.S. Government's National effort in going after Organized Crime in America.

Map with the 14 locations of the Kefauver HearingsHuge hit from coast to coast to coast

Since those hearings, there were many other prominent Federal cases tried in that building and of course, many were Mob related. But here's where the 'little bizarre twist' part of the story comes in. 

One of the nation's most successful Mob Lawyers tried his very first federal case in this same building, and continued to do so for many, many years.

Decades later he would then go on to become the most popular mayor of Las Vegas, and serve for 12 years (3 terms- 1999 to 2011). He would of remained mayor if it weren't for term limits.

Instead, his wife ran for Mayor and won in 2011, and just recently won re-election herself for a second term.

This same man also had the vision to come up with something as unique as the Mob Museum for Downtown Las Vegas. 

This extraordinary life story belongs to none other than Oscar Goodman. If voters would of had their way, he would still be mayor. For now, (as he likes to say) he just “sleeps with the mayor”- Carolyn Goodman, his wife of 50 years and counting.

Picture of Anthony Spilotro and his attorney, Oscar GoodmanSpilotro and his attorney, Oscar Goodman

Oscar Goodman had been pushing for the revitalization of Downtown Las Vegas since becoming its Mayor. It was a huge task for a myriad of reasons and financial and legal complications were always an issue.

In 2000 the Feds sold the building to the City for $1. Yep… one buck. With that price came the stipulation it be restored and used for cultural purposes, since it was one of the oldest buildings in Southern Nevada. 

After a few years Oscar was pushing for the Mob Museum to be housed there and it was no small feat in finally getting that accomplished.

Fittingly, on the same date as the St. Valentine's Day Massacre, Feb. 14, 2012 the Mob Museum opened for business.

Unrivaled Mob Museum

Dennis Barrie, who put together the Spy Museum in Washington D.C. and The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, was hired to put together the Mob Museum.

His work resulted in a fantastic three story immersion into the history of Organized Crime, The Mob and our Government’s war against it. 

The Valentine Day's Massacre wall at the Mob MuseumInfamous Chicago wall now at the Mob Museum

This museum houses the infamous St. Valentine’s Day Massacre wall, the barber chair in which Anastasia was killed and an exact replica of Sing Sing’s electric chair.

There's a virtual Tommy Gun you can shoot, a police line up where you can have your picture taken next to other ‘suspects’ on vacation with you, interactive displays and wiretap recordings to listen in on.

Early 1900's Dice Roller at the Mob MuseumEarly version of my favorite game

It’s loaded with one of a kind items that were donated, given or purchased from the families of former mobsters, loans from collectors and other items procured by the museum itself.

The tour begins on the third floor with the beginnings of Organized Crime here in America. It begins at Ellis Island during the wave of immigrant migration from Europe and traces its progress from there. 

It explains the unintended role prohibition played and the key players who built the first syndicates.

Prohibition era false bottom traveling case at Mob MuseumDr. Feelgood's traveling case

You’ll recognize some of the bigger names, but also get introduced to the many associates you don't know along with their ways, means, influence and rise to power. And there's a lot of these guys.

It’s loaded with the accounts of the turf wars, luxuries, lifestyles, political and union influence, gambling rackets, the Las Vegas connections, extortion's, skimming and more. 

Stylish garb used to smuggle booze with-Mob MuseumBoozy Fashionistas

The second floor has the courtroom of the Kefauver hearings and along the halls you'll see interesting displays about those involved directly and indirectly with it.

Notice to Parents with kids - ‘The Mob’s Greatest Hits’ section chronicles real life hit jobs with real pic's, and will be more bloody and graphic, so if you have young children with you be aware of this.

You’ll find a section that goes into the conspiracy theory of the Mob connection to the JFK assassination and another section explores the national and international reach of the Mob.

Meyer Lansky once stated “ We’re bigger than U.S. Steel”... a dark and deeply ominous statement back then, considering U.S. Steel was a huge multinational powerhouse with global reach.

Display of ominous quote by Meyer Lansky about being larger than US SteelMeyer Lansky's most ominuos quote

While going through the Las Vegas Section, some old memories resurfaced that I hadn’t thought of in quite a while. I landed in Vegas in 1977 and it was an interesting time to say the least. 

When my uncle, who had been out here for about 10 years at that time, first told me Lefty Rosenthal was Mob after I mentioned watching his show at the Stardust, I told him he was crazy.

“You mean the guy whose show I watched yesterday being taped at the Stardust? .. interviewing celebrities and schmoozing it up for the cameras .. with a celebrity gossip column no less .. he's Mob? Are you nuts? ... no way. No way in hell THAT guy is Mob!

That was my reaction to my uncle telling this. It made no sense whatsoever, and totally defied all logic and history.

No Mobster would be that 'out there', that foolishly high profile, that vainly out in the open. It defied everything I ever knew, read and had learned about Mobsters up to that point having come across some of this in Florida.

Yea well ... in that, as well as a few other things, my uncle knew what he was talking about. When I finally learned the truth I was stunned - just, completely and totally dumbfounded. 

After that, I started to look at things quite differently out here ... also to listen more and talk less. I started then to understand how completely different Vegas was. 

Replica of Sing Sing's electric chair at the Mob MuseumWorse seat in the house

Ironically, it turned out that Frank 'Lefty' Rosenthal was an innovator.

He was the first one to bring sports books into a casino and he was also the first to use female dealers.

It turned out after his death in 2008 that he was an opportunistic FBI informant, with that suspicion being the reason behind the bombing of his car at Tony Roma’s on the corner of Sahara and Paradise. 

Later on I was surprised when the movie ‘Casino’ came out because of its accuracy. I remember living through all the public events in that film and was very surprised Hollywood didn’t take its usual ‘creative license’.

Board at Mob Museum on Sheriff Ralph LambThe incomparable Ralph Lamb

Those were incredibly interesting times in Vegas with Lefty Rosenthal being one of its biggest characters, but there's many more you'll find out about at the Mob Museum.

The breath and scope of what's detailed here is just tremendous.

Man atop a mound of destroyed slot machinesMound of hacked up slots ready to be torched

If time doesn't permit and you only want to see the Mob Museum, I recommend having a bite to eat before then giving it at least 3 hours. Don't be surprised at all if you end up spending 4 hours here, so leave a little lee-way time for that.

The Mob Museum has parking, (presently $5) but if that's full, it's easy enough to park in one of the hotel garages on Fremont Street and walking over since it's that close to it.

Be sure to validate your parking ticket somewhere in the their casino or hotel. Normally that means playing a little something in their casino but to be sure, just ask one of their casino employees. 

The blood oath video at the Mob MuseumThe making of a 'Made Man'

 If you’ve been wanting to do downtown, here's a great option to consider. You can save a little money by getting a combo for both the Mob and Neon Museums for that day, then hitting Fremont Street Experience and Fremont East at night.

If the above is an option for you then here's what I recommend.

Head Downtown for lunch since there's a slew of places for you to choose from to have lunch, where you'll find good deals on great meals.

BTW - A cool Downtown treat is free live music on 3 of their outdoor stages. Check out the calendar to see who's playing while you're here at the Fremont Street Experience website. It's loaded with all kinds of info of things going on Downtown.

If you have lunch in the same hotel where you parked, see about getting your parking ticket validated where you eat. It's normally good for 24 hours.

After lunch, do the Neon Museum which only takes an hour, then the Mob Museum which you'll want 3-4 hours for, then head back to the Fremont Street Experience.

As it's getting dark, they fire up the canopy and the music and you can go casino and/or bar hopping all around the place. Or you can do the Neon Museum first, then the rest since the Mob Museum and Fremont Street are within walking distance to each other. 

The perp line up where you incriminate yourself at the Mob MuseumBe a perp ~ no booking needed

I don't recommend walking to the Neon Museum. The environment between it and downtown isn't the best. 

There's also a number of options for getting Downtown if you haven't rented a car, which you can check out on my Getting around Las Vegas page

If you have younger kids with you, be aware that Fremont Street Experience street entertainment can get a bit more R rated than you might want your kids to be around.

Capone's Faustian realization at the Mob MuseumRegrets of a Faustian Bargain

It's geared towards adults with some craziness that you won't see too many other places, so some of it will get a little racy and raunchy.

Getting Here

The Mob Museum address is 300 Stewart Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89101

To get to the Mob Museum, you can catch the I-15 into Downtown and the first exit will drop you right on to Stewart Ave. Make a left turn and about a block down you’ll see it on your left. 

If you want to see a few sights on the way there, simply travel up Las Vegas Blvd. (the Strip) into Downtown. You'll pass the pawn shop where Pawn Stars is filmed, but it's more of a curiosity than anything to see from the street.

When you get to Stewart Ave., make a left and about 2 blocks down, you'll see it on your right.

Hunger pangs gets more than a few to leave before they want to so I recommend getting a meal in before you visit, because ‘immersive’ is the operative word with this Museum.

Capone and the 100 years wall at the Mob MuseumCapone - and a hundred years of his kind

If you think this is like other Mob places you’ve seen before, I've got one word for you ... Fuhgeddaboudit!  The Mob Museum is the best you’ll see on all things Mob in one of the most historical buildings in Las Vegas.

As Oscar might say, “Only in Vegas baby!”

The Museum host all kinds of different events. You can arrange group events as well as Wedding Packages. To get the skinny on these and all other info visit the Mob Museum website


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