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About Me

Hi, my name is Lou and I'd like to share with you a little about me and why I created Vegas No Neon, my website that introduces you to the 'other Las Vegas' you probably haven't had the chance to experience yet. 

Vegas No Neon is about alternatives to the usual things to do here in Vegas that you can experience within 3 to 7 hours and features low cost, affordable places anyone of all ages can enjoy. 

The question...

Like many others out here, I've worked in the Casino Industry for over 25 years and as far back as my first dealing job on the Strip, I would eventually have players ask me 'the question' ... "so, what else is there to do in Las Vegas?".

Obviously they meant anything else except what was on the Strip because I knew they had "been there - done that" enough times and were looking for something different to do besides shows, casinos, etc.

Back then casinos were loath to give you any reason to spend more time away from their property, with the exception being certain tours and tour companies, which paid a percentage to them.

Getting good information about other things to do most always came from us locals. Even then, you'd have to find one like me that got out to many of these places, not just one or two. 

I would tell them about the places you'll see in this website. Just about everyone that took my recommendations were very pleasantly surprised and grateful to of discovered these places.

Some would send their friends or their kids to 'ask for Lou' where I worked, which startled me at first, to get info on what their particular interest were.

Back then there were plenty of alternatives that were great little getaways for the day and today, we have even more to see and do.

Small town, big hook

Having spent my childhood in Florida, I came out to Las Vegas as a teen in 1977. It was a total contrast to Florida and at the time, unaware to most of us, an era was coming to a close in Vegas.

It was the time period you'll see accurately portrayed in the film 'Casino'. Back then there were even more stories around town about who was who, who controlled or secretly owned what, how their Mob connections worked and the 'real' story behind the headlines we would read.

It was fascinating and intriguing to say the very least. It was something you'd hear spoken in a hushed tone as you got around town. Most people aren't aware that although Las Vegas has always had a big name, it actually was a relatively small town up until the mid to late 1980's.

Being a kid who always loved unusual animals, Vegas offered me all kinds of outdoor interest to go along with the rest of it. 

In my first 3 months here, I saw the wild burro's at Red Rock, my first roadrunner in a patch of desert by a 7-11, scorpions that glowed in the night while romping around the desert one evening and then a coyote out by Boulder Highway.

By then I was hooked ... I just didn't know how much.

My 'light bulb' moment

What got me started on my 'other Las Vegas' happened one day at Starbucks while talking with a coffee buddy of mine. We got on to the topic of websites and he mentioned a friend of his in California that had started one as a guide to a section of LA.

That got me to thinking of the great feedback I've gotten throughout the years from my players about my 'other Las Vegas'. So much has changed in Vegas over the years and I figured there'd to be a website I could refer players to whenever they asked 'the question'.

Instead I found many short articles or feature stories by big media outlets and travel sites. They all seemed too shallow, skimpy, not very comprehensive and/or mostly written in such a way that mainly serviced the subject ... like some project that just had to be done.

Because of that, and much to my surprise, I saw more than a few negative reviews on popular review and travel sites about places I've loved and enjoyed for decades. It was then that I began to understand why.

There wasn't a website that actually gave people useful and real information about these places!

When telling this to my coffee buddy a few weeks later, he said to me 'Well Lou, I guess you're gonna have to fix that'. I said "Who, me?"... to which he replied 'why not?'.

He was retired and had no interest in doing it. I've never built a website, but he reminded me about his friend in LA, his website and the similarities between both of our situations.

Well, long story short, that's how Vegas No Neon was born.

A place like no other

Although I arrived here in '77, I've moved a few times and lived other places. Except for 3 different times for a total of 6 years, all of my adult life has been here in Las Vegas. 

I found each time I moved somewhere, it was just a matter of time before I began to really miss Vegas, as well as the southwestern deserts of Nevada, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and California. 

I married here and my son was born and raised here. Much to the surprise of many, you can raise a great kid like mine out here in Vegas, you just have to do a few things differently because after all, it is Vegas.

Throughout the years I'd take him hiking with me all throughout Red Rock in the day and star mapping at night, summer theatre at Spring Mountain Ranch, the Zoo at Bonnie Springs, all around Mt. Charleston, Zion, Hoover Dam and a bunch of other great places. 

He's all grown up now but while talking with him as I was putting together this website, we had some great laughs and memories recalling our times at many of the places.

My life here has always included the places I feature on this website and once I decided to do this, I revisited some I hadn't been to in a while. The Powerplant Tour at Hoover Dam is one example.

Its been a labor of love so that the information I give you here will be current and useful in order for you to make the most of your time out here.

BTW ... This site is not connected, controlled nor influenced by any business, company, entity or any one else. I am the sole creator and producer of the contents you see on here. If you have any questions regarding this or anything else within this website, please feel free to send me a message via my contact page.

As time goes on I will expand and feature more spots as well as a variety of different and interesting things that this unique city has to offer, so check in periodically to see what's new. 

Thanks for visiting Vegas No Neon ... the site that helps you create even more special memories. 

Whether 'Luck be a lady' or not, I hope you have a great time with all your adventures while here in Las Vegas!