Las Vegas Beyond the Strip ... Even More Lifetime Memories

Away from its neon center there's a whole different Las Vegas that offers its own great experiences for you to enjoy. These 3 to 7 hour excursions are low cost, easy to enjoy and refreshingly different than the usual things this city is so famous for.

Desert Air display at Visitors Center in Red Rock CanyonTonic for your soul ~ Red Rock Canyon

Most everyone knows Vegas has world class casinos, shows, restaurants, shopping, nightclubs, concerts, lights, neon, events and more going on ... all in a relatively small area known as 'the Strip' - the place that inspired the 'What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas'  slogan ... and that's one thing we've always been about. 

Nonetheless, year in and year out many visitors I've come across have asked me ... "so what else is there to do here in Vegas?".

My answer is always the same.... plenty !

That's the reason for this website. Discover a fantastic variety of different and memorable things for you to do within a 3 to 7 hour time span that can easily fit into your budget and schedule while doing Vegas. 

These are the Vegas experiences you'll want to tell everyone about.

Las Vegas Naturals

If you're needing a break from the smoke and noise of a casino, the timeless beauty and fresh air of Red Rock, Valley of Fire or Mount Charleston are the best natural hands in all of Las Vegas.

Road rolling thru Valley of FireRolling roads of Valley of Fire

You'll experience incredible geologic formations, sweeping vistas and colors, along with traces of their ancient history. 

The lands you’ll see are the same lands native indians, explorers, pioneers, cowboys, missionaries and settlers lived in or traveled upon over many centuries.

In these beautifully scenic and wide open spaces you'll naturally feel the free wind and spirit of the ole' American West.

The subtle majesty of these lands, preserved to remain very much as they were back then, have a way of quietly touching that sense of freedom in mind and soul.

'Lost Wages' gettin' to ya ?

Spillway House and Intake at Hoover DamThe Engineering Marvel of Hoover Dam

If your budget needs relief from those enticing, computerized wallet-farmers (slot machines), why not spend an afternoon exploring a different kind of science and technology with our very own engineering marvel - Hoover Dam.

Whether just visiting the Street Level Exhibits or opting for a tour that takes you right into the structure of the Dam, you'll see how this incredibly huge undertaking produced the largest and first of its kind in the world during the years of the Great Depression.

If staying on the Strip, an easy 2 mile jaunt down the street from Bally's is the little known but fascinating Atomic Testing Museum , an affiliate of the Smithsonian Museum. 

Bike Mike board at Atomic Testing Museum'Big Mike' at the Atomic Testing Museum

The dawn of the Atomic Age transformed our world unlike any other epoch in the history of mankind.

Its origins and its global effects on warfare, medicine, technology, space and relations between nations are chronicled here.

A little more than 75 miles away from Vegas lies the most important place central to much of that work - The Nevada Test Site.

You'll find crucial advancements in all these fields, whether secretly or openly operated, have gone on here since its creation.

Area 51 is the most popular area of the Nevada Test Site but you'll discover there is so much more within this critically important national site.

Meet up with some wise guys...

100 year wall at the Mob Museum100 years wall at the Mob Museum

If you're in the mood for some real Italian, by all means let me suggest a plate at the Mob Museum.

They serve up Italian like no other place you’ve ever been to.

If you’ve been wanting to do Downtown, the Mob Museum and Neon Museum during the day, then Fremont Street in the evening is a perfect way to do that. You can even get a discount on a combo ticket for both museums.

Family style

If a family vacation or family reunion is what you're planning, make sure you check out the sections on The Springs Preserve, Bonnie Springs Ranch, Spring Mountain Ranch and Mt. Charleston Recreational Area. These four are great choices along with a few more for you to check out.

If there's future wedding plans, whether yours or someone else's, and an Elvis chapel minister isn't your style, there's some great locations here to look into that can make for a beautiful and unique Las Vegas wedding.

If you're in town flying solo and needing info for one, check out the Vegas Solo for some great ideas. The author does her solo take on a few of the places I feature here.

What ever plans you've made for your Las Vegas trip, you'll find something within my website that can easily fit into your schedule while visiting.

*BTW ... recent technology now allows bigger and better photo's for all devices, including my mobile version so stay tuned as I update pages with bigger and better pic's!

In my 33 years of living here, I've enjoyed all of these places time and time again over the years. My love of these places and sharing what I know about them will not only help you discover them, but also help to fully enjoy what they have to offer.

Iconic 'Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas' sign recognized the world overIconic Welcome Recognized the World Over

Welcome to Las Vegas! ... and welcome to Vegas No Neon!

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